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  First In / First Out Control Register (FCR)

The FIFO register is a write only register. This register is used to control the FIFO (First In / First Out) buffers set to 16550's and higher.

Bit 0 allows the operations with the buffer. Placing '0' into this bit switches off all read/write buffer operations, thus you lose all the data saved in FIFO buffers.

Bits 1 and 2 control the clearing of in and out buffers. Bit 1 is responsible for the in-buffer, while bit 2 is responsible for the out-buffer. Setting these bits to 1 results in clearing the FIFO buffer and doesn't concern shift registers. These two bits are self-dumping so you needn't set them into 0 when the dump is finished.

Bit 3 allows DMA mode selection, this mode is available at 16550 UARTs and above.

Bits 4 and 5 are reserved, also bit 5 is used to switch on the 64-bit FIFO buffer (only for 16750).

Bits 6 and 7 are used to set the triggering level on the Receive FIFO. E.g., if bit 7 was set to 1 and bit 6 to 0, the trigger level is set to 8 bytes. When the FIFO in-buffer receives 8 bytes of data FIFO, then the Received Data Available interrupt is set. See (IIR).

Bits 6 and 7Bit 7Bit 6Interrupt Trigger Level
001 Byte
014 Bytes
108 Bytes
1114 Bytes
Bit 5Enable 64 Byte FIFO (16750 only)
Bit 4Reserved
Bit 3DMA Mode Select. Change status of RXRDY & TXRDY pins from mode 1 to mode 2.
Bit 2Clear Transmit FIFO
Bit 1Clear Receive FIFO
Bit 0Enable FIFO's
FIFO Control Register
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